Hackers Steal Your Credit Card Information

Gabe on April 18, 2013 · 106 comments

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High Tech Criminal Activity is going on at the Boulevard Mall in Las Vegas, Nevada.
I built a web page for a customer and a really good web page I must say at: www.MVPHobbies.com,www.MVP Hobbies.com So, I went to the Boulevard mall to seek more customers. I simply said look at this web page I built for my first customer. We pulled up the web page on his computer and all a sudden my web page was all messed up!
So, I pulled out my lap top computer and went to the editor in which I created the web page and that page was all messed up in my editor.
I told the customer I will fix it in five minutes. I went home to my internet connection to fix the problem and when I opened up my computer the editor was just fine and the page on the internet was just like it was when I left home before I went to the Boulevard Mall in Las Vegas, Nevada.
So, the next day I go back to the mall to work on the customer’s web site and once again my reference web site is all messed up!
I immediately go to the parking lot where my lap computer was sitting in the sleep mode and started it up and opened my page editor up and once again my page was all messed up inside the editor of my personal computer.
By this time I’m really curious to why this is all a sudden happening to me. I go across the street to a laundry mat with free wi fi and I get the password from the attendant on duty, I connect to the internet, but I simply get a message from the browser chrome that my connection was intercepted and can not connect because of a DNS protocol setting of some sort.
I next go a block down the street to Mc Donald’s and log in to their free Wi Fi and rebuild the web site that was messed up shut down my computer pulled out the battery, then I go back to the Mall to my customer and check out my web page on his computer after I clear the cache on his Fire Fox browser, now my reference site is just like brand new.
I then proceeded to contact the mall security and made a report that some how my lap top computer is being tampered with manually or automatically by a robot or human or both!
I then go to Channel 8 news and told them what happened and that anyone with a lap top in their car, while it is in the sleep mode with the battery in it has the potential of all their files being tampered with.
Now, I finally get home put the battery back into my lap top turn it on and open the website and the editor and again all my files inside my editor is messed up and the web site is messed up.
Fortunately I had that particular web page saved on my other computer and restored the web site www.MVPHobbies back to normal and saved everything in note pad. That way if this happens again I can restore the web site in a few minutes with out the hassle.
I then called up my hosting company and they did a security scan and they concluded that the web site was not compromised in any way. So the guy I talked to at the hosting company who had a girls name and I was not really sure if he was a guy or girl; at this point I did not want to ask. Any way we both agreed that the only way that could happen is from inside my computer. We also both agreed that a wi fi connection could access my computer and complete this type of protocol.
The other thing this person at the hosting company mentioned was the possibility of a software glitch in my editor which would automatically up load the messed up hacked code… But then I mentioned the fact that I do not use my editor to upload my files, I use a free upload manager called “Fire Zilla”.
This is a very strange mystery to me, I’ve been making my own web pages since 1998 part time and now I’m going to build web pages full time for my customers. I will build you a web site in one day for only $50.00 with out a monthly fee and add five lines of products to your site… Additionally all the money from the sale will immediately be deposited in your pay pal account. (My email for this type of work is: Gabe@itrustmylink.com)
But at this time, I will not go near the Boulevard Mall in Las Vegas ,Nevada with the battery in my lap top simply because my files get tampered with…
This is my personal experience of what happened on 4-11-2013…
I’m simply warning all the visitor’s around the world to be careful of the possibility your credit card information can be stolen from your lap top if you get near the Boulevard Mall in Las Vegas, Nevada. This automated or manually operated wi fi glitch might even have the ability to tap into your cell phone.
What’s your opinion?

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